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Beginning with 3D designing can be a problematic job for someone who has never tried any 3D designing related work. Most beginners get confused with which software to begin with. Even people with experience keep switching between different softwares to achieve high-quality results and a smooth workflow. To help such aspiring 3D designers and to give them overview of each software which is currently leading the market here is our list about BEST 5 SOFTWARES FOR 3D DESIGNING AND VISUALIZATION.


One of the most user friendly and simple to understand software is blender. The best part is that it is an open source and free software. Currently the latest version is Blender 2.83.2 and can be downloaded for free from their official website . With its growing popularity many industry professionals have started using blender.

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It is basically a complete Creative Suite because of its versatile functions. It supports every type of visual 3D pipeline which includes modelling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion editing, video editing and 2D animation pipeline. It’s easy to use interface makes it simple for a beginner to understand its working and start designing.

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It has two inbuilt render engines Cycles and Evee. Cycles is a ray-tracing renderer giving more photorealistic results. Evee is a real-time renderer that gives high quality renders in much less time. Addons/plugins play an important role in the workflow of a blender user. Addons reduce the time by making work easier for the designer. Addons are the helping hand of a designer such as archipack is an inbuilt addon which is extremely efficient for architectural work. To summarise Blender is a complete package for designing, animation and VFX which is completely free.


For more information visit official website of Blender

To learn Blender check out Blender Guru’s Channel


  1. CINEMA 4D

This software is a powerhouse by Maxon. One of the most popular software among the CG community is Cinema 4D. It might seem intimidating to a complete beginner but with a little practice and understanding it can be the best tool for a 3D designer and artist. Its latest version to this date is C4D R21.

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The wide range of tools and features are the reason for high-quality results. Composing a scene is really easy is c4d because of the simple interface which shows every component which is being used. The workflow in cinema 4d is super smooth because of non-destructive working options which means that anything can be changed and edited at any point. Its high-quality PBR materials and lighting options play a major role in the photorealism of the renders.

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It has an inbuilt renderer which is really good but to get exceptional results they have bought redshift renderer which will soon be introduced as an inbuilt renderer. Another third-party renderer for cinema 4d is octane renderer which is highly effective for the industry-standard results. Octane renderer is a ray-tracing renderer that gives extremely photorealistic results. Its interactive render option is extremely helpful for the workflow of artists. The online help system is highly effective for beginners.

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Many popular artists use Cinema 4D such as Stuz0r (Stuart Lippincott), Cornelius Dammrich, Beeple (Mike Winkelmann), Justin Leduc and many more. A little practice and understanding of the software can help you to create exceptional artworks and become an extraordinary artist.

For more information check out Cinema 4D official website

For more information of Octane, renderer check out official website

To see more Beeple’s artwork check out his official website

  1. 3DS MAX

The most popular 3D designing software among the architecture community is definitely 3DS MAX. Although it has the features for animation and other 3D designing work too but Autodesk softwares are largely used by architects and its workflow is easier for architectural designing. Someone who wants to take on architecture visualization as a career, this software is the only tool you will ever need. Its latest version to this date is 3DS MAX 2021.

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The detailing that can be done while modeling is what makes this different from its competitors in the market. Plugins help a lot in the creative process by allowing you to focus on the creative part rather than the technical one. Simple user interface boosts the workflow and helps you to complete projects according to their deadlines. Many major companies and freelancers depend on this software for their 3D designing and visualization projects.

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Photorealistic interior and exterior renders are the main highlights of this software. It has inbuilt Arnold renderer which is a ray-tracing renderer and gives exceptional results. Many artists also use V-Ray renderer which also gives results equally good as Arnold. It all depends on the render engine you are comfortable with.


It is a bit expensive but if you are serious about architectural visualization then you can go for the free trial and give it a chance. It is a great software by Autodesk with good features and industry standard results.

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For more information of 3DS MAX check out their official website


For more information about V-Ray renderer check out their official website

  1. MAYA

One of the oldest in the industry and most reliable software is Autodesk MAYA. Used to create new worlds by professionals and convert their imagination into reality. The extremely powerful software requires equally powerful machine on which it is being used. You will require a high configuration computer to use it smoothly and effectively. It has a large variety of features and tools which help you to achieve accurate results. Realistic and believable VFX make this software a big name in the CG industry. Currently the latest version is AUTODESK MAYA 2021.

The power to add extreme detailing and create complex worlds and characters is a major strong point of MAYA. The modeling tool of Maya is the magic tool you will need to create the characters or environments you want to make realistic and believable. Sculpting and texturing them helps to adding to the photorealism of the scene. A beginner will take time to understand the software and all its tools but with time and regular practice he will surely have an upper hand over the competitors using other softwares.


User interface might seem to be a bit intimidating at first but as soon as you get used to it the tools become your best friends. The basics are easy to learn and create basic animations and rigs. The more complex work requires much practice and understanding of the software but is worth learning.

The inbuilt render engine is Arnold which is much powerful and compatible with MAYA. It gives photorealistic results and has a user friendly interface which is really easy to use and understand. The preview option helps you to figure out how the scene looks and make changes instantly as you are working on a project. AUTODESK MAYA is a complete suite to meet the industry standard and create big projects to have a career in 3D designing and visualization.


For more information check out MAYA’s official website


  1. Sketchup

The first software any aspiring 3D artist should own is Sketchup. The most basic and user friendly software is sketchup and can be easily used by every beginner. The interface is easy to understand and people get used to it in almost no time. Despite its simplicity it can give really high quality results. Currently its latest version is Sketchup Pro 2020.

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The working of this software is based on points and lines, unlike other softwares which work on surfaces and solids. Connecting points and planes to create 3D objects makes it easier to learn and grasp quickly. Complex meshes can also be created using some specific tool of SketchUp which adds to its functional points. It has a large following among architects who use it for visualization. The easy to understand interface makes it usable for someone who wants to give a rough visual idea to clients and not dive into complex details.

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It can create simple plane surfaces as well as complex topographies using the inbuilt tools. But the workflow becomes easier and fast if plugins are used to perform complex tasks and give higher details. Most of the tools have a drag and drop approach and work on just one click basis which makes them simpler to use. Plugins such as scatter, subsurface tools, and many others are extremely useful to complete the project quickly and improve workflow quality.

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Sketchup currently has no inbuilt render engine but V-Ray is widely used for rendering with SketchUp. Its compatibility is extremely high and is seen as a must plugin for SketchUp. The latest version V-Ray next gives really high quality and realistic results. Real-time renderers such as Lumion and Twinmotion have also gained popularity among SketchUp users due to their easy environment creation tool and Photorealistic renders. Sketchup is an extremely simple yet effective software.


For more information check out Sketchup’s official website

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